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Mechanical Engineer turned Graphic Designer. I love to ask questions.  My design process often begins with a single one. As my research unfolds, I ask more and more questions, and then listen; becoming acquainted and intrigued with a niche. Somewhere along the way there's a shift, and I start answering more questions than I'm asking.
Here are the results.


A glorified list of not-so-frequently asked questions

A Mythical Society

What if an education collective needed a culturally relevant identity that inspired students?


Glitch Hunt

Do satellites have geographical biases?



Is the connection between Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona's career more than just a coincedence?

Albicelestial final citiqued (2).png

Familiar Flags

How can the flags of the world incorporate something native and unique to its country?

flag pic aspect ratio.png

The Objet Trouvé

Are the littered streets of Baltimore just hallways in a museum you've never heard of?

objet thumbnail wide.jpeg

À la Charley Harper 

How can an artist's style be translated to a graphic design language without misrepresenting the art?   

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