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Glitch Hunt

At Maryland Institute and College of Art (MICA), I developed a thesis project challenging the satellite imaging system on Google Earth. I then designed an exhibition experience and installed it by hand. Scaling up the project to fit a large gallery wall required some interactivity and a touch of intrigue.



The desktop offered viewers a window into my process. I spent countless hours exploring Google Earth to find and understand its many glitches, and this website is a recreation of that experience.


Field Guide

This hand crafted foldout furthered the metaphor of digital-wilderness. My research for this project truly felt like I needed a pocket reference to pull out and identify glitches. Was something I'd seen before or did I need to further investigate?


Satellite dish

Projecting a video of the glitches I found onto a real satellite dish was a means amplifying failures. In a world where failure is normally passed over, I created a world where it was ubiquitous. The satellite dish became the bridge between me, the glitch hunter, and Google, the evasive tech company trying to cover up its own defects.


Thesis Book

To capture my process, I wrote a book! This was not only a place to show off my writing skills, but a great exercise in publication layout and typography.

GH book3.jpg
GH book4.jpg
GH book2.jpg
GH book1.jpg
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