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The reigning 2022 World Cup champion Argentina National Football team is also known as La Albiceleste, "The White and Sky Blue." When researching the overlap of the careers of Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona, repeated comparisons to god and divinity inspired the portmanteau title Albicelestial.

Albicelestial final citiqued (2).png
ALBi playing cards.png

Mockup idea for trading cards, executed below.


Poster Process I

The goal of this infographic was to compare the careers of 2 all time greats. They played the game with eerily similar results and physical characteristics but had two wildly different personalities. In this first iteration I found expressive typographic that represented their unique identities. However, my image choice focused too much on the world-cup-winning moment, and limited the connection to the stats.

Messi Maradona process I.jpg

Poster Process II

With more dynamic photo choices, I was able to integrate stats with image, and build a  new visual language. The photos of the players celebrating show off their differences in humility, whereas the photos below those help tell the story of their goal scoring history. 

Argentina Infographic Process I.png
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